Tiny Flying Robots can Carry Heavy Loads
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Tiny flying robots can carry heavy loads

Recently scientist have Developed that Small flying robots can haul heavy loads more than 40 Times their weight. It can be more useful for Search and Rescue Operations.

Using Powerful Features the Robot “FlyCroTugs” can move much larger Objects. It can also carry a Water bottle from one place to Another.

The “FlyCroTugs” use Specially Designed grip Surfaces inspired by the “Gecko Grippers”. Which was Developed by Stanford to Grip objects without Applying Pressure. For Rough Surface the Robots have Equipped with 32 microspines, a Series of Fishhook like metal spines that can latch onto small pits in a Surface.

A Graduate Student of Stanford Matthew Estarda said that, “Similar Vehicles can only lift object about Twice their Weight Using Aerodynamic Forces, but Combining Aerodynamic and Mechanism we create something Different than Similar Vehicles.”

Mark Cutosky From Stanford talk about the Inspiration of idea, he said that ” Wasps can fly rapidly to a piece of food, and then if the things are too heavy to take off than they Drag it along the Ground, so from their Inspiration came for this Work.”

Experts from Stanford and Ecole Polytechnic from Switzerland are Working on the “FlyCroTugs”.


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