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RIP Keplar! NASA’s Revolutionary Alien Planet-Hunting Telescope Died.

NASA’s Revolutionary Alien Planet-Hunting Keplar Telescope Died.

NASA’s most prolific Alien planet-hunting telescope in history had died. Kepler has been running low on fuel for months. Yesterday (30 oct.) NASA officially declered that Kepler can no longer reorient itself to study cosmic objects or beam its  data home to Earth.

Keplar Telescope was Running Out of Fuel

Well, This announcement was not unexpected. keplar was suffering from fuel shortage for a months. In the past several months, the mission manager kept Kepler to sleep for several times to increase Kepler’s life. But the end couldn’t be forestalled forever. Two weeks ago Kepler’s tank went dry.

Paul Hertz, (head of NASA’s Astrophysics Division) said ” This marks the end of spacecraft operations for Kepler, and the end of the collection of science data.”

Kepler’s death “is not the end of an era,” Kepler system engineer Charlie Sobeck, also of NASA Ames, told “It’s an occasion to mark, but it’s not an end.”

Keplar has discovered more than 3800 Alien planets.

Keplar space telescope was launched on 7 march 2009 to discover Earth-size planets orbiting other stars.

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