Now Hardohi demands for change of name to Prahlad Nagar

The demand for change of name of the district has also started in Hardoi between the names of the districts being changed in the BJP Government of Uttar Pradesh. With the support of the people in the social media, it is hoping that the name of Hardoi will be changed to the name of the devotee Prahalad.

Hardohi demands for change of name to Prahlad Nagar

The city resident, Gopal Agarwal, has tweeted the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to take the name of Hardoi to Prahalad Nagar as well as in the social media campaign.

Gopal Agarwal says that the thinking and working style of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is incomparable. It is very nice to change the names of the districts to their ancient name.

He says that the name of Haridrohi Nagar was repeated due to the Hiranakshyap, which kept hindrance and god in the form of a monkey, but Hiranakshyap’s son Prahalad was a great devotee of God and in order to protect the devotee Prahlada, Lord incarnated Narasimha and made Hiranyakaship’s Had slaughtered.

In such a case, the name of the Haridai made from Haridrohi should be named after the devotee of Prahlad and the name of the Hardoi district should be named Prahlad Nagar.

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