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New Whats app sticker feature launched | How to enable Whats app sticker feature?

Whats app has rolled out new Sticker feature

whats app sticker feature


Recently Whats app has finally released a sticker feature for his users. Whats app users were
waiting for this feature for a long time. This sticker feature is rolling out gradually over the billions of device. It may take some time for all users to access this feature.

How to enable whats app sticker feature?

whats app sticker feature

  • Android users can access this sticker feature by clicking the emoji icon on the left site of keyboard.
  • here you will got the new sticker feature.
  • IOS users will get this sticker icon into the text field.
  • To add a new sticker pack, users will have to click the + icon on the left side in the sticker section.

The instant messaging app has also included a sticker category section which is near the clock section in the app.

Now The whats app has released just 12 stickers pack. However, users will later be able to download the new sticker pack from the store and also delete the existing sticker pack.

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