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NASA’s Insight Probe captured red planet Mars wind

Now humans can hear the red planet Mars for the first time. NASA’s Insight Probe made it possible. NASA’s Insight probe has captured some vibration on Mars. This information was given by US space agency NASA on Friday.

Winds of 10-15 mph were captured when it was running on the Insight’s solar panel. This unmanned Insight vessel landed on Mars on 26th November. The work of this robotic spacecraft is to mobilize all internal information from Mars to NASA.

Two sensors have captured vibration. The air pressure sensor inside the vehicle and the seamometer present on the roof are now waiting for the landing with the help of the robotic alarm of the vehicle. Thomas Pike of Imperial College London says that this 15 minute data from the beginning came with the help of a seamometer. This is something like fluttering in the air.

Insight on the instrument of the insight is to be transmitted to NASA, according to Insight’s location on Mars. This is the same simple technique that is present in the smartphone. Its work is to check how much North Pole stops while passing through the orbit of the Sun.

For information on the heat on Mars, a scale of about 5 meters below the surface will be inserted. Which will store the data of the heat inside. While the simmomer will examine the effects of waves and meteorite mass produced by earthquake on Mars. The surface of Mars is divided into several layers. Earlier in the year 1976, NASA’s Viking 1 and 2 were holding signals there. But the sound of the wind was not so fast, which could be heard. Also, the sound was not available in the audio too.

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