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Moon Rock Sells for ₹4.5 Crore

Moon Rock Sells for ₹4.5 Crore

Moon Rock

Story Highlight

  • The Moon Rock (Meteorite) named NWA11789 has been Sold for USD 612,500(₹4.5 Crore).
  • This Moon Rock was Discovered last Year Unofficially Known as ‘Buagba’ or ‘The Moon Puzzle’.

The Puzzle Like to form, About 5.5 Kg Mass with Partial Fusion crust visible on one side. It is a largest Known, Complete lunar Puzzle.

This is One of the most Important Acquisition anywhere in the world till date. It is also the most Significant example of our Calestial Neighbour ever offered for sale in the History of Metorite/Space Science.

The Winning Bid Came From Tam Chuc Pagoda Complex Located in Ha Nam Province, Vietnam.
He said, “This will inspire Students of Science for Generations to come.”

The Average Size of a Lunar Meteorite is a Few Hundred Grammes, but the Magnitude of this Offering is Quite Impressive.

~According to RR Auction.

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