It becomes very Difficult to Ticking in the Market : Balesh Sharma(Vodafone-Idea CEO)

Vodafone Idea is Country’s largest telecom Company as per the numbers of Users. Company believes that due to high Competition , it has become very difficult to sustain in Market.

After the Merger of two companies the CEO (Balesh Sharma) said on Thursday that ” Three major Operators have to make money they can not Expect them to Invest. The Reduction in the Average Revenue (ARPU) per Customer for three major Operators was the main reason for the Cash flow Crisis.

Along with That, The Company believes that This Situation hinders the Path of Major Programs like Government’s Digital India etc.

Sharma also said that the Situation is not clear until the Domestic Market will Improve. The Company expecting the savings of an Estimated Rs 14,000 Crore from the both Companies (Vodafone-Idea) till end of year 2020-21. The Goal was Estimated two Years Ago.

Because of the Operators are Unable to make Enough Investments in the Network, Reliance Jio’s ARPU has Come Down to Rs 131 and Airtel has Down to Rs 100. The Capital income of Operators in Neighbor Country China is Too High, So that the Telecom Companies are in Satisfactory to Invest in Future.

After the Merger Company has made many Benefits. The Company will Invest Rs 27,000 Crore in next Two years. That is a Big Deal and Company will Focusing on Towers to used Better. the Company pay Rs 3000 Crore as Spectrum Fee and Invest in March. In the year 2019-20 Company will Invest Rs 12,000 Crore. After this Decision hope that Company’s Stock will Grow.

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