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India will see two eclipses in 2019

2 of 5 eclipses in 2019 to be visible in India

Astronomy enthusiasts and skygazers will be able to experience five eclipses in 2019, two Of five Eclipses In 2019 To Be Visible In India.

New year will start with a partial solar eclipse on January 6, though it will not be visible in India, Dr Rajendraprakash Gupt, Superintendent of the Ujjain-based Jiwaji Observatory, told news agency PTI.

On January 21, a total lunar eclipse will take place which too would not be visible in India as it would be daytime here, he informed.

Similarly, a total solar eclipse that will occur on July 2-3 will not be visible in India as it would be night here, Dr Gupt said.

A partial lunar eclipse set to take place on July 16-17 will be visible in India as well as an annular (ring-shaped) solar eclipse on December 26, he said.

Dr. Gupt said that five eclipses were seen in 2018, two of which were total lunar eclipses and three were partial solar eclipses.

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