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India ready to send three crew person into Space by 2022

The Gaganyaan programme was approved by the cabinet for a low earth orbit mission of seven days

The center government put its final stamp of approval on Gaganyaan, India’s first manned flight to space which is slated to take off by 2022.

A cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the Gaganyaan programme for a seven-day low earth orbit mission, according to a government statement.

The decision comes after the announcement by Modi on Independence Day that an Indian would travel to space in an Indian spacecraft by 2022.

Government announced that India will send a three-member team into orbit for up to a week when it launches its first manned space mission expected in 2022.

This would be one of the cheapest manned spaceflights in the world. Indian ministers approved $1.4 billion to provide technology and infrastructure for the programme, according to a government statement.

The government has stated that space flights will boost the economy, generate jobs and enhance capabilities in areas such as medicine, agriculture and fighting pollution.

A successful manned mission would allow India to become a “collaborating partner in future global space exploration initiatives with long term national benefits,” said the statement.

India will become the fourth nation after Russia, the United States and China to send a manned mission into space.

“Gaganyaan is a great programme in pursuit of India’s space autonomy. There will be two unmanned and one manned flights to launch the Gaganyaan (Sky-Vehicle) Programme.

It is designed to carry about three human beings for a maximum period of seven days in space with the support of academia, the scientific community, industry and Isro (Indian Space Research Organisation). It will be launched within 40 months after the approval,” the minister for law and justice, and information technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad, said in the national capital on Friday while briefing the media on the cabinet’s decisions.


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