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Google is testing a new update “Explore” UI for Google Chrome

Google is testing a new update “Explore” UI for Google Chrome

Google chrome new update "Explore" UI

Google is testing a new update “Explore” UI for Google Chrome. Soon the Google Chrome could introduce a new content discovery interface in the Chrome browser’s new tab page called “Explore”. Which users can access on Android by enabling an experimental flag. As per multiple reports this feature can be spotted on Google Chrome’s beta version, or the Chrome canary build.

Whats new in “Explore” UI ?

In this new “Explore” UI users will be able to access their favorite tabs, as well as bookmarks, both manual and recorded. In addition, users can choose from news, weather, travel options and local services, like other browsers.

Currently, the feature shows placeholder sites and it cater to many requirements, now the user will be able to browsing
through Chrome by choose from various categories with the “Explore” UI.

Google Chrome "Explore" UI

How to enable “Explore” UI?

1. To enable the Explore UI, You will need to go to chrome browser
2. Then search chrome://flags
3. Now search for “explore”
4. Now relaunch the chrome.

The report suggests that the feature will not, necessarily, be targeted at the Indian market, adding that the websites appearing in this new user interface (UI) have been chosen as examples by whoever is in the process of developing it. In short, you can think of “Explore” as an extremely broad “channel” browser meant to present websites that could potentially be of interest to you, the report said.

Recently owned company Alphabet had announced that they were removing google chrome support from over 32 million devices. These devices ran various version of Android Jellybean, from Jellybean v4.1 to Jellybean v4.3. Rumours are also indicating that Google also appears to be testing the Notifications feature for its browser, that could enable
users to respond to chats.

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