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Diamond is not the toughest natural substance


The common perception is that diamond is the most difficult natural element. That’s what we taught, but this is not true. Now the hard carbon material of diamond has been discovered. Researchers claim that it is also harsh with diamonds and graphene. It is made from the physical process of carbon.

Researchers from North Carolina State University reported that the technology that they have invented can create a new substance known as Q-Carbon. Actually, it is the third stage of carbon that is different from graphite and diamond.

Researchers say that carbine can have some extraordinary properties, if it can be made in large amounts. This research has been published in the journal ‘ACS NANO’.

Carbine is actually a series of carbon atoms that are connected to each other through two or three chemical bonds. Boris Jacobson of Rice University of Houston has shown in the paper that the ability of carbine in the case of stretch is highest in all known substances.

Scientists have calculated that carbine is twice as big as graphene and carbon tubes and three times the hardness of diamonds. Carbine can be converted into magnetic superconductor.

To break a thin sheet of graphene, the tip of a pencil will have to emphasize an elephant equal. Earlier, some scientists had succeeded in making carbine, but its nature was very unstable.

@BBC News

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