Be Ready to Trace the Origin of Messages
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“Be Ready to Trace the Origin of Messages” – Whatsapp

In Recent, On Whats app the Fake News or Messages are Going Viral on this Platform. On Tuesday the Government set Pressure on Global instant messaging App to set up a proper Corporate entity in India.

Recently The Company, Which has been Criticized by the Government for not doing enough effort on Fake News which are Spreading in a Flow. So Company Assured that it will provide technical solution to trace the Origins of these Spreading fake Messages.

Chris Daniels CEO of Whats app came Calling Ravi Shankar Prasad (IT and Law Minister) who asked Company to Immediately Appoint an Officer In India to Address these Fake Messages which has been blamed for Mob Lynching across various States in India.

The Government asked Whats app to have a friendly and Corporate Setup so that it becomes Accountable Under Indian Laws and Regulations.

Prasad Told that, “You must have a proper Compliance with Indians Laws. If any problem arisen here we have to be Answered in America, so will not Appreciate any problem and it is not Acceptable.”

Whats app will have to setup a Branch or at least a Company in the Country to Solve these Problems.

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